10 tips for Self-Marketing as a Women Freelancer

For women, who have always been taught that modesty is a virtue, self-marketing doesn’t come easy.

It is because women often underplay their own values, skills, and capacity to lead.

This kind of modesty has led women back in their career. But the increasing use of social media makes it overcome this modesty and help women focus on self-promotion.  

But the first hurdle they face is figuring out where to start from?

Although, there is no specific approach for self-marketing for every freelancer; however there are certain Tips that Every Women Freelancer Should Follow for Self-Marketing and getting their name out.

Let’s jump right in to know the essential tips for self-marketing.

#1. Find your niche

For self-promotion, it is very important to be clear about what you are going to sell and to whom. For that, you need to find your niche first and understand your market.

There are few potential freelance marketing roles you can look down to:

Instead of saying, I am good at everything; it is best you decide your niche and have a specialization in that niche.

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#2. Create your own brand

Once you’ve determined your niche, create your own brand and image. Share your expertise on different blogs, question boards, and other forums. You can use Quora to self-market yourself in the most effective way by answering questions and build your target audience.

#3. Build your Professional Portfolio

Building a unique portfolio to showcase your work allows you to show your clients how talented you are. Many freelancers create their virtual portfolios on websites like Tumblr, Upwork, and About.me. If you don’t have any dedicated presence on these sites, make sure that you have a collection of your past work to show your client. Keep your portfolio simple without being too generic.


#4. Social Networking

Social networking websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are a great tool for self-marketing. These sites allow you to showcase your work in front of a wider audience. You can make updates about the project you are working on, or the clients you are working with; this makes you more trustworthy in the eyes of others. Post frequently about what you can do and show your skills.


#5. Boost your online presence

To self-promote yourself, the above-mentioned websites are a great place to start with, but they are not sufficient. Start your own blog to have your effective online presence. People love genuine stories. You can write about the struggles you are having while working on a particular software or a project. You can also guest post on popular websites to help build your online presence.


#6. Be a part of freelancing communities

When you start your freelancing career, you should try to become part of different freelancing communities. It will help you to keep updated with what’s happening in the freelancing world. Furthermore, you can directly contact other freelancers in your field and exchange experience and tips. You can learn from other’s marketing strategy that can help you in self-marketing.

#7. Carry on Marketing even if you are busy

Work on self-marketing, even if you are busy. If you don’t do this, you may find that you have nothing to do once your current project finishes. By maintaining consistent marketing activities, you can streamline your work.


#8. Attend events

Having a strong online presence is essential, but building a strong network is even a more powerful tool today. Participate in different freelancing events, meeting, and workshops. Try to grow your network by meeting new people.


#9. Try new tools, don’t stick to your software

Don’t rely on a particular technique, tool or software for your freelancing work. Don’t hesitate to try something new. Learning new things will help you to add more creativity to your work. For example, if you are a graphic designer, try experimenting with different designing tools to offer something unique to your client.


#10. Create, Share, Repeat

Once you complete your work, share it on various social networking websites. For example, when you write any content piece, share it on websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can post these content pieces on sites like Instagram with some artwork. It will help in self-promotion and thus gets you more work.

There are countless ways you can self-market yourself as a women freelancer. These effective tips will surely help you get hired and enhance your freelancing business.


Aarif  Habeeb is a Digital Marketing Consultant, blogger, and content strategist at WomenFreelancer, a platform for Hire Freelancer Online and Find Job for work from home. He is Passionate about content marketing, blogging and always up-to-date with the latest trends. Follow him on Twitter and Linkedin.

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