Generate, Scan & Manage Receipts using these top 5 Tools

Everybody is bound to have experience with receipts in a single way or the other. Receipts assume essential job from giving proof of the deal exchanges to documenting assessment form. From monitoring your business expense to having individual spending interest, these receipt tools have helped us from numerous points of view. Keeping record and overseeing […]

Android Q

Everything you need to know about Android Q

With everything advancing in such a fast pace it is not ironic to experience such rapid introduction of mobile software updates. Even though it seems as if just recently android’s software update Pie was released but then too there is a much new software update released by Google’s mobile OS, called as Android Q. It […]

Top Ten Free POS Systems for Small Business Startups

As a small business owner, you would know the struggle of trying to save on every cost that you can. For example, small business owners prefer hiring virtual teams with whom they connect via services like TeamViewer Online. However, there are certain things that you should not compromise on. One of them is the POS […]

Benefits of embedding social media feed on your business website

We all know how important social media is these days when it comes to promoting any business. Self-marketing is the key to success and what better than social media as a platform can serve you to achieve that purpose. If you own a business website, you’re halfway already there. A business website allows you to […]