Diffrence Between AR vs VR ?

AR vs VR: What’s the Next Innovator ???

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have been getting a lot of visibility lately. And it’s no surprise, considering these cutting-edge technologies add a twist to reality.

Augmented reality enhances the world we live in. It overlays digital information on real-world objects through wearables like Google Glass or using the camera on a mobile phone.

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Difference AR vs VR

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a fully immersive experience. It takes users into an interactive computer-generated virtual world.

Virtual reality has been most successfully applied by the video game industry. That’s no surprise considering it makes players a part of the game. But The real-estate industry, for instance, will likely be one of the biggest VR adopters. It allows realtors to showcase properties in a new and exciting way.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality blends virtual reality and real life. It lets people remain aware of their surroundings, while also enhancing reality. And because it’s not fully immersive, it has an advantage over VR.

AR makes information interactive, visual, and much easier to process. AR wearables keep techs hands free and display all information at their eyeliner

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