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Hello to all my lovely visitors of Digitech Tips,

We provide a unique opportunity to all of awesome writers to post content on our website. Reach a large base of the audience with us and we are growing day by day.

Show your Content to large Audience ,We value your posts.

But we have some small conditions to make blog much better: (Please do follow)

  1. You must have unique content.
  2. Title – Provide perfect Title for your Content with a summary in 60-200 words
  3. Content length should be unique and informative not even a single line copied.
  4. Duplicate Content We don’t accept duplicate content on our website which is copied from anywhere else.
  5. Word Limit is above 500 to 850. The more the most welcome.
  6. You can provide a link to your blog or website and even to some of your posts (Not more than 3).
  7. Send 2-3 Images (800 × 445)with credit if you using form any other source
  8. Two Back-link will be provided
  9. The content should be user-friendly and should be related to Digital Marketing Tips, Case Studies, Tech News & tips, Career Growth, Social Media Tips and Update, Web Hosting and Marketing and Technology updates. We don’t accept posts that don’t fall to our niche. And also, make sure there are no grammatical mistakes in your Content.
  10. You should love your writing. Promote it as far as possible with your social media/network and reader
  11. We can edit your posts, if necessary.
  12. Don’t forget to say a Share our blog, even when you stop by the next time. We believe in making connections and relations!! 

I hope these little requirements sounds good for you guys.

If you are reading this far and are interested for guest post then do shoot us a mail

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With lots of love and warm regards

Team Digitechtips