If SEO isn’t effective, then what should I do?

SEO is not everything yet it is something you cannot ignore forever. Never ignore SEO.
It is observed that new business and websites look for alternatives to seo traffic. And it makes sense because when your site is new you hardly ever get noticed by search engines. In that stage alternative sources are your main source of traffic.

Now lets get to the point: What are some alternatives to SEO

First of all its Paid, then social , then referral.

Let’s discuss those sources step by step

  1. Paid Traffic:

Gone those days when people used to visit website using a directory like alta vista (not kidding).

Here we go:

1.a. Search Engine Paid Traffic: Since 10% of all traffic is being driven by paid channel it is really a great alternative to SEO like ADWORDS…

1.b. Social Media Ads: You can display ads across most of the social media including Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc to Get easliy noticed

1.c Banner Ads: You like a website which gets a lot of hits and its traffic are fairly within your audience range. Put up a banner on that website for a fee (sometimes a hefty sum) and you have your traffic(maybe not very much).

1.d Contextual Ads: This type of ads were in its high tide back in early 2010s but do not be discouraged it is still kicking. Just write an article (some sites will provide you the content if you swallow the fee) and provide link back to your site.
Many people didn’t advertised inside of an article to get traffic, most of them did it just to get the link juice. But the kind of people did it for traffic still doing so till today.

2. Technically any traffic that originates from other than a search engine is called referral traffic. When a user is looking for information and found a link on a trusted site he will follow that link. It is not a direct traffic because user didn’t inserted your site’s address in the address bar. Referral traffic is an interesting indicator of your authority and network capability

2.a Guest Posting: Guest posting will not only increase your referral traffic, establish you as an authority it will also help you rank high in the search engine.

2.b Publishing Video: Publishing video (training/tutorial/infotainment) can become a massive source of your referral traffic if done correctly. On topic, in depth and professionally created videos (without the usual cliche elements of course) can help you drive traffic to your site. There are tons of tutorials on you tube on how to create edit and produce a professional video on any topic

2.c Blog Commenting:
There are ways to do it ethically which helps both party. If you leave genuine and thoughtful comment on a popular post chances are there will be people who would want to network with you and go to your site and even make purchase.

2.d Forum Participation: Although this method has phased out over the years, it is pretty similar to blog commenting. Except, on forum commenting you need to join in conversation and provide your opinion on a variety of topics

3. Social media marketing
4. Email marketing
5. Giveaways…

6. Link Strategy. Develop relationships with other sites online that support your product or service and link to their site. After you’ve linked to their site contact the websites webmaster and request they link to your site.

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