How to Solve Problem of Black Dot Bug of iPhone

The Black Dot bug is well known over the world and begun appearing up in iPhone devices. The iPhone proprietors were tired of getting the bug over and over in their iPhone. The bug seems just in the informing applications whether it is inbuilt or an outsider application. At whatever point you try to determine the issue by erasing the messages, the application freeze and leaves no solution. The Black Dot Emoji is otherwise called the dark speck of death which can’t be settled and freezes the messaging application. Be that as it may, don’t stress, there are a few strategies through which you can solve the problem of dark dab bug from iPhone, so gives the techniques a chance to best to settle this issue.

How to Solve Problem of Black Dot Bug of iPhone

Try Updating the Software

The best way to Solve this problem is the updating the device to the newer software might help you out with resolving the black dot issue in your iPhone.s if you keep on getting this issues in your iPhone, sometimes indicating the requirement for newer or latest device software.

Open the Settings app of your iPhone.

  1. Go to the General section.
  2. Tap the Software Update button.
  3. The device will automatically download the updates when available.
  4. When the updating process is complete, the iPhone will not face the black dot issue.

Deleting the Black Dot Messages

When you go for deleting these black dot messages, the messaging service app becomes freeze and do not respond, and then the below mentioned steps will let you know how to remove the Black Dot messages.

  • Force Quit the App
  1. Open the Quick Action and tap on the messaging application having the black dot bug.
  2. Open the message with 3D touch.
  3. Now delete the Black Dot bug from iPhone.


Deleting Messages from another Device

The iOS device allows the users to save messages on iCloud and open it in other devices using the cloud service. The other devices must be synced with the same version of the operating system.

  1. Open the Messages on iCloud in a synced device.
  2. Find the Black Dot bug messages and proceed to delete.
  • Deleting Messages using Siri
  1. Siri is another option that you can follow to fix the issue.
  2. Force close the messaging app.
  3. Use Siri and send a message to the person sent you the Black dot message.
  4. Open the Messages again and try deleting the black dot bug message.
  • Deleting the Messages using 3D Touch
  1. The 3D Touch allows users to enter the most recent thread messages.
  2. Force close the Messages app.
  3. Now enable 3D Touch and enter the message thread without black dot bug.
  4. Go to the main page of the messaging app and delete the black dot bug conversation.

Reset the iPhone

If none of the above mentioned works for fixing the problem, then resetting the phone will work to fix the issue. By doing this you may lose the data after the reset, hence you must create a backup of the data before start to reset it. When you have created the backup of the data stored in the iPhone, you are ready to reset the iPhone.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to General and tap the Reset button.
  3. Select the Reset All Settings option.
  4. When prompted, enter the passcode.
  5. Again, tap the Reset All Settings button.

The developer of iOS, Apple has got the solution of fixing the Black Dot Bug issues in the latest update or the versions of iOS.


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