Android Q

Everything you need to know about Android Q

With everything advancing in such a fast pace it is not ironic to experience such rapid introduction of mobile software updates. Even though it seems as if just recently android’s software update Pie was released but then too there is a much new software update released by Google’s mobile OS, called as Android Q. It […]

Best Animation Apps, Best Animation Apps for andriod

6 Best Animation Apps for Android & iOS Users

As the video animation reached the advanced level the interest of the people also increased in the animation with its amazing visualizations and graphics. It had attracted the people of every age so much that the use of animated videos jumped out of the film or entertainment industry and made its way through all the other professional industries. Today animated videos can be spotted easily in the business world, education, marketing, gaming, web development, and in so many other fields of profession.

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How to start career as a mobile game developer

Becoming a mobile game developer is not necessarily difficult. However, developing a game and developing a successful game are two separate things and it is the latter through which you can gain more financially! The gaming world now faces stiff competition.

Mobile App Predictions for 2019, Mobile Apps, mobile apps 2019

Mobile App Trend Predictions for 2019

Mobile Apps are the major reason why smartphones are persisting. It has become such an indispensable part of our routine that it rules almost every activity that we perform in our daily lives. Mobile Apps keep modifying each and every year. There are a variety of gadgets available in the current market. There are almost 24 […]