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The Importance of Video Marketing for Brands

Video content is trending on social media. The importance of video marketing is taking over the marketing world by storm. Mainly if you are on a budget and you are craving to create the best active content that will market well-using video animation as a marketing tool is the best way to do so. Considering that people spend hundreds and thousands of hours watching videos each day, it’s easier to drive brand growth and a substantial marketing ROI.
These days’ people are considering to create a video marketing strategy on the best social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, to advertise their brand or build an audience for their businesses especially when digital marketing insights are delivered on any platform you use. Facebook has begun to place a significant emphasis on video content on their news feed.

Video Marketing Guides

1. Use annotations and cards. Include clickable links in your videos such as ‘more info’ tabs so that viewers can click on it and access more information. It’s good that they look smoother and professional especially if you want to promote a lead generation content piece.

2. Choose a tempting thumbnail. The first thing that catches a viewer’s eye is the thumbnail. Especially when users tend to keep scrolling through their feed and all of a sudden they see a video and read the thumbnail within a few seconds, it might stop them from moving their thumbs. Create enticing little thumbnails that would attract a user within 10 seconds of their time.

3. Make a point to research on video animation marketing essentials such as editing Softwares and applications that can be used to make videos more intriguing towards an audience.

4. Create scripted videos at the beginning of your exposure to get organized and plan out the perfect successful video before you publish it.

5. Create aesthetic elements such as visual art, aural art or conceptual art, and include them in your videos. It makes videos look more fun and interesting for viewers.

Why is Video Marketing Valuable?

Video marketing these days for brands is vital because looking from a more individual perspective, we all make use of online video content. We watch videos to pass the time, gain information or gain immediate knowledge about something. Video offers the following aspects that are important for any marketer to experience and put into practice.

• Creating more traffic through relevant content signals and rich snippets.

• Improving conversions.

• Building links.

• Having a presence on video search engines.

These are the few aspects every business needs for growth and recognition. Video content is the kind of strategy businesses create because they are aware that video content is close to taking over all visual content as it is an on-going and on-demand strategy.

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