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10 Blogging Tools and Tips to Improve Productivity

For productive blogging, there is a need to know the basics of some productive blogging tools and tips that enhance blogging skills and help to become a successful blogger. These tools play an important role in productive blogging. There are several tools and tips available and each tool plays a key role in blogging.

Blogging is one of the fastest growing communication ways. Therefore, to grow your business or promote your services through blogging it is necessary to keep some basic tips and tools in mind. Making use of these tools, not only help you know completely what blogging is as well as it will help in promoting your blogs.

However, when it comes to performing any task online there are other various things, which will distract you from what you are doing and develop your interest in various other things. To overcome and avoid this distraction block websites on mac and windows can be used.

Therefore, some top tools and tips that can help improve productivity are as follows:

#1 Google Docs

Blogging is one of the difficult tasks and needs a lot of planning and scheduling. Keeping all that data saved and together in one-place google docs is the best option. Making a proper list of content, and making a proper schedule for posting can merge and saved in Google Docs.

Google doc is a tool that helps in creating and importing files easily. Bloggers can create a complete content list for weeks and months. Moreover, a blogger can plan a complete schedule of posting and keep it safe for the future. This will help in organizing and work efficiently. Therefore, it is one of the top blogging tools for improving productivity.

#2 Quora

The other important tool that plays a key role to increase productivity is Quora. It is one of the widely used tools all over the world, where people from every part of the world can post questions and get relevant answers. Moreover, there is several bloggers present and you can get huge help from them about your blogs. Get amazing ideas and understand the key features of blogging.

#3 CoSchedule

While talking about blogging all bloggers need a complete planner or calendar to mark the events and post weekly and on monthly basis. CoSchedule is the best platform for this purpose. CoSchedule provides an opportunity for bloggers to plan and organize everything according to a perfect schedule. This proves to be the best blogging tool for increasing productivity and better performance.

#4 Rank tracking tools

To have a complete check on the performance of site, engagement, and interaction of the audience make use of the tools that can track the ranking and performance of the site. This will let you know complete how your site is working and what kind of improvements you need further to make blogging smooth and more productive.

#5  The Buffer Tool

The buffer tool/app allows you to share your posts or content instantly on social media platforms. This is another blogging tool, which will make blogging more productive and easy. You can share your blog content easily through this tool on any social media platform of your choice. You can share your content on the following apps:

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

#6 Grammarly

The other prominent tool that helps to proofread your written content is Grammarly. Grammarly is an online tool that will help you proofread your content once written and allows you to remove any kind of error whether grammatical or spelling error. This is a widely used tool and proves to be helpful for bloggers. This will help increase their performance and productivity 20% more than actual work.

#7 Canva

The next prominent tool that contributes to increasing the productivity of blogs is canvas. Canva allows you to create and edit pictures, modify them and use them in blogs. Nowadays 70% of the blogs comprise the visual content. Means that people spend more time going through photos and they love to spend more time on the content that has strong visual content.

People spend time visual more than reading the content, which means that the content that has strong visuals have chances to gain a huge audience. Therefore, canvas allows a blogger to create and edit photos, which is free of cost and easy to use.

#8 Use Social Media for promotion

Blogging being a strong marketing strategy needs promotion as well like any other marketing tool. For this purpose, you can use social media platforms that allow great opportunities to its users. Moreover, each social media platform have millions of active users that will increase the engagement and in result increase the productivity.

The most widely used social media platforms for blogging are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Yet there are several other platforms also but these play a key role for this purpose.

#9 Pinterest

The other most popular and useful tool for blogging is Pinterest, that allows promoting a blog to increase productivity. Pinterest is yet another tool that plays a key role to improve productivity. Pinterest works on these sub-tools.

  • Tailwind
  • Board lists
  • Scheduling
  • Tribes
  • Group boards
  • Pinterest Analytics

#10 Sendible

This tool allows you to schedule your posts for sharing on social media platforms easily to improve the productivity of your blogs. Being a blogger you need to be active and consistent while sharing content and creating content. This tool allows you to schedule and post with consistency and in an easy way. Therefore, the majority of bloggers prefer using it to be more productive and active.


This article described some of the tools and tips for blogging that will improve productivity. Keeping in mind your aim to become a successful and prominent blogger, every blogger needs to learn the basics to operate all these tools. These tools prove to be helpful and efficient to improve the productivity of blogs for a better outcome and reach more audience.

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