pinterest advantages

Using New Pinterest Profile Design for Your Advantage?

Form past years, Pinterest has been adding a lot of features for brands to stand out in search results to provide them additional value and proper result.
Hashtags help users to search out pins easier and most proper result to add additional value in visual search.

pinterest advantages
Pinterest New interface

How to Feature Your Best Pins on Your Profile-

Pinterest provides us a number of different choices for selecting which pins are going to be featured in your header image.

Choice 1: Latest Pins
Latest Pins can feature the last twenty four pins you have got saved on any board across your Pinterest profile.

Choice 2: Recent Activity
Recent Activities can show pins for that different users have saved from your web site and another account you have got related to your Pinterest.

Choice 3: pick a Board
Pick a Board shows all of the pins you have on a specific board. this is often the option to use along with Featured Boards to have the consumer focus the most attention on. This board should only contain pins you would like to be featured as your cover image and not just another board you already have featured in the slideshow.

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